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We will properly manage the information that you enter, according to the policy below. We will utilize your personal information only to respond to your inquiry. In using this CONTACT FORM, your agreement on our privacy policy is required.  Before filling out the format, please read though the privacy policy below and click the confirmation button on your agreement.

Your private information is an irreplaceable asset. We will set fundamental policy in regard with private information protection as below.  Dealing with your private information securely and correctly,  we will endeavor to earn our customers’ trust by protecting it.

1. Compliance

・We obey laws and regulations, such as Personal Information Protection Law.

2. Acquisition and security management of customers' private information

・We will legally and fairly manage our cutomers' personal information sent to us and utilize it only for efficient operation of our business.

3. Protection and serurity management of customers' personal information

・We will properly and securely manage our customers' personal information sent to us, and we will carry out necessary and proper measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak and so forth of the information.

4 . Disclosure of customers' personal information

・We never disclose a customer's personal information to the third party except for the occasions mentioned below: Occasions that 1) we have the customer's agreement. 2) we are asked to disclose the personal information based on laws and regulations. 3) we are urgently required protecting crucial benefits such as someone’s life, body, assets and so on. 4) within the scope necessary to fulfill the research objectives, we disclose the information to our affiliated companies, partnering companies and companies we entrust operations. In this case, we will make an agreement on handling of the personal information and carry out investigation and surpervision to ensure that the private information is properly treated.

5. Disclosure, correction and deletion of customers' personal information

・We will disclose, correct and/or delete a customer's personal information on confirmation that the offer has been made by the customer him/herself.

6. Our policy

Not only obeying laws, regulations and guidelines such as Personal Information Protection Law, we will also lay down company regulations concernig protection of customers' personal information and give our employees necessary training in order that the personal information can be treated properly. We will assign our employee as the information security manager and carry out protection, utilization and management of the information. In addition, we will carry out inspection to check and improve the treatment of the information.